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Rocket Training

The original "Rocket" training

Asta Yoga, San Francisco, CA

July 31th - August 4th, 2024


AstaYoga is the home of Rocket Vinyasa in San Francisco, the birthplace of Rocket Yoga. Opened by students of Larry Schultz in 2009, Asta has been hosting and leading Rocket Trainings since 2011 when Larry taught his final training.

The Rocket Training has always been a way for students of Rocket Vinyasa to immerse themselves in the practice beyond the led class. Anyone can take the training, and it is demanding as you choose for it to be. The main prerequisites are curiosity and open-mindedness. Rocket is the next step to vinyasa.

In this intensive Rocket  Vinyasa 5-day immersion, students will explore the principles, techniques, history and philosophy of a modern approach to the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, inspired by the teachings of Larry Schultz. This program is ideal for participants familiar with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary and Intermediate series, either through personal practice or a 200-hour Ashtanga-based training. Students will learn about the principles of the Ashtanga practice and how to practice and teach in an inviting and supportive manner.

This is an advanced training for those who have a 200-hour yoga teacher training qualification and want to teach Rocket OR for students who have a solid practice and want to dive deeper into their own practice.

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Training Dates

1 Week Program
  • July 31th - August 4th, 2024

Why should I take this training?

  • You’re ready to stop doing yoga and open to letting the yoga do you.

  • You’re curious about the effect that consistency and repetition have on the practice and how they lend themselves to growing personally and within community.

  • You want to step out of the role of teacher, dissolve the hierarchy, and instead become a yoga facilitator and cheerleader, pointing practitioners toward their own inner voice and intuitive wisdom.

  • You’re ready to fly!

What Will Be Covered?

  • Practice and learn the base sequences of the Rocket Ashtanga system.

  • Understand the philosophy and voice of a Rocket Ashtanga Vinyasa class.

  • Focus on alignment, arm balances, inversions and transitions.

  • Gain the ability to adapt the master sequences to share a class with students at all levels.

  • Clarify your purpose for practicing.

  • Learn how and why to adjust in a minimally invasive way.

Who Could Benefit From This Training?

  • Consistent practitioners who feel their vinyasa practice has hit a plateau.

  • Experienced teachers who feel their instruction could use more focus and structure.

  • Those new to Ashtanga, but not to yoga, who wish to complement their existing knowledge.

  • Home practitioners looking for a thorough, intelligent and consistent system of yoga practice.

  • Students interested in an in-depth, workshop-based exploration of their practice.


The full tuition for the training is $995 ($875 for members).  You will have unlimited access to our daily classes throughout the course of the training for no additional fees.

Payment Options

  • The full tuition is due before July 1, 2024

  • $800 Early Bird  (full-payment before May 15, 2024)


Steve Pyka

Led by Steve Pyka, a student of Larry Schultz's, the creator of Rocket Yoga. With over 14 years of experience, Steve offers a no-nonsense approach to teaching Rocket Yoga that has changed the lives of many. He has led numerous Rocket and 200-hour trainings over the years, and continues to honor and share the practice with students around the world.


Please send us an email and let us know which payment plan you would prefer and what you would like to take away from the training.

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Ready to sign up?

Take advantage of the first Early Bird special ($800)

Early Bird